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Intro and a question...

Hello! I'm a growing/branching/struggling Christian with a deep interest in all things archetypal and mythical - most notably, Celtic mythology/tradition and Arthurian legends. Thus, I was very pleased to find this comm. *smiles* I also have an abiding love of several British writers with C.S. Lewis leading the crew, and T.S. Eliot, Chesterton, and Tolkien following on his heels.

I saw Tarot listed as an interest of the group, and thought I would ask for any opinions/philosophies/etc. on integrating Tarot practice into one's relationship with God. I became fascinated with the Tarot a few months ago, and did my reading and research, and bought a deck. I've found that they're a fantastic way for me to meditate and become quiet. I also relate really well to the archetypal nature of the cards. So, if anyone has reccommendations/suggested reading/general remarks on practicing Tarot as a Christian, I'd love to hear them!

Once again, thrilled to be here!

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