starry-eyed surprise (3point1415927) wrote in celtichristian,
starry-eyed surprise


I'm new here, and was just curious to see how others answer this question:

If you consider yourself a Celtic Christian, do you simply worship on your own or with other like-minded people, or do you belong to a church? If so, which denomination?

I have always felt drawn to Catholicism (probably as a result of living in the hugely catholic country of France as a child and attending mass at Notre Dame, i guess) in spite of disagreeing with the Church's position on some modern aspects of society. However, I have recently begun attending an Episcopal church that has a strong Celtic Christian community, with Celtic mass twice a week. So I guess I'm just confused; I realize that the Catholic faith is what the original Celtic Christians practiced, but I also feel like the Episcopal church's stance on some things (the importance of taking care of the earth, belief that women can be spiritual leaders and that female saints can be just as powerful as male ones)is more in keeping with what I know about Celtic Christianity.

What do you think?
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